What Is Discernment?


The process of determining what God is asking is called discernment. The word discernment means to sift apart. When we enter into discernment, we set aside time to pray and to talk with a friend, a family member, or a spiritual advisor who can help us gain insights as to where we are being led. Sometimes discernment helps us discover that God is not asking us to do something, but rather, God is asking us to be something – more loving, more compassionate, more trusting.


God living among us, I feel as if you are moving me in a new direction in the second half of my life. Help me to discern what you are asking of me. Give me the courage to follow in whatever direction you lead. Amen.


Start a spiritual journal. Record thoughts, inspirations, and ideas that come to you in prayer, in dreams, in conversations, or in the course of your daily activities. Share your journal with a family member, friend, or spiritual advisor who can help to recognise the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life.