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Why Lazaretto?

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. – Jeremiah 29: 11

A Spirituality of our aged people recognises that people in this stage of life continue to strive to make sense of their lives: What am I here for? What is my life all about?

There is a beautiful Hasidic saying which goes: “For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned, it is the season of the harvest”. Erik and Joan Ericson describe this stage of life as the effort to strike a balance between integration and despair. They observe that the virtue attached to this stage of life is wisdom. “Being present” is a great gift to offer another person.

Ritual can create a space where the mystery of life can slowly be revealed to us all. It is into this space that Lazaretto enters offering ritual and prayer resources for aged care and hospital ministry. Lazaretto also offers Professional Learning to Pastoral Care staff.

Welcome to Lazaretto. “I am with you always”. – Matthew 28: 20

You Are Not Alone

“You Are Not Alone” is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. This song came about after a friend was not allowed to be in the hospital while her Dad was dying. In his final hours, she waited in her car, looking up at his window. Little did I think that the same would happen to me afterwards. I believe that such people are not – and were not – alone at such a time”.

– Liam Lawton

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Healing is Your Touch, O God

Jesus was teaching in one of the meeting places on the Sabbath. There was a man present, so twisted and bent over with arthritis that he couldn’t even look up. He had been afflicted with this for eighteen years. When Jesus saw him there, he called him over. “Man, you’re free!” He laid hands on him and suddenly he was standing straight and tall, giving glory to God.

– Luke 13: 10 – 13

Lazaretto Song Library

Check out the samples below from the Lazaretto Song Library.

To download these files and supplementary PDF lyrics please visit our Sample Resources page.


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Blog Posts


You probably want to remember all – and only – the good times with your spouse. You surely have some
cherished memories of loving conversations, happy, relaxing holidays, funny incidents, generous actions,
and peaceful moments. One way to capture those memories is to write them down. Then, later on, when
the memories are not so vivid, you can read what you wrote and treasure the good times again.
In the first year of my grief, I wrote down many good memories of my husband. Reading them gives me a
chance not to pine for the past but to give thanks for what we shared. I also wrote down not-so good
memories that I hoped I could forget. Most of those began with differing perspectives and ended with in
angry words or deafening silences. Trying to block out those memories only brought them to mind over
and over again. For me the way to release them was to recall them, forgive myself and my spouse, and
offer our very human love into the hands of God, whose mercy can heal our wounds and reconcile us
even after death.
Enter into silent reflection. Close your eyes and open your heart to God. If memories come, don’t hold on to
them. Just let them pass by like sailboats on a lake. Allow feelings to come and go without blocking or
judging them. When you are ready, you may conclude with:
Merciful God, you know everything about (my spouse) and me. You know our virtues and our faults. You
know our struggles and our joys. I give you thanks for the life we shared. Allow me to continue to treasure
the good memories while opening myself to your will for me now. Help me to forgive myself and (my
spouse) for the hurtful times. Heal our wounds and lead both of us forward in your love. I pray this through
Christ our Lord. Amen.
For with the Lord is mercy, with the Lord is plenteous redemption. – Psalm 130: 7b

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Your Outlook on Life

Our attitudes impact how we behave. People with positive attitudes tend to look on the bright side of life and anticipate that bad things are fleeting. They tend to be affirming, forward-thinking, and happy. People with negative attitudes tend to focus on things that are going badly and anticipate that bad things will continue to happen. They tend to be skeptical, cynical, and sometimes grumpy.

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People have probably told you they are praying for you. This can be a great consolation. It means that you are not in this alone. Others are lifting you up in prayer and asking God to ease your pain. After the death of my husband, someone in my parish went one step further. She said to me, “It may be hard for you to pray right now, but don’t worry, we’ll pray for you”.

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