What Does God Want?


God wants us to be the best person that we can be with all of our strengths and all of our weaknesses. Each one of us is unique. God does not want us to try to become someone else. God does not expect us to do things that are beyond our abilities. God leads us in ways that are life-giving for the betterment of ourselves and other people.


Understanding God, help me to understand where you are leading me in the second half of my life. Allow me to recognise what is life-giving for me and for the people around me. Give me the courage to be the person you want me to be. Amen.


Think about the ways the Holy Spirit has prompted you throughout your life to try something new. How is the Holy Spirit nudging you now? Does this feel energising and life-giving? If not, you may need to spend some additional time to discern what God is asking of you.