The Purpose of Life


In the second half of life, we begin to understand that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We glimpse the great mystery of life. We discover at a deep level what it means to be children of a merciful and loving God. We recognise that who we are in relation to God is more important than anything that we do. We begin to see that God’s love can flow through us and touch other people.


God living among us, help me to recognise the gifts you have given to me. Guide me so that I can use my gifts and talents in ways that are pleasing to you. Reveal to me the true purpose of my life. Amen.


Ask a friend or family member to help you identify your God-given gifts and talents. Think of all the ways you used your God-given gifts throughout the first half of your life. Look for new ways that you can use your gifts for the greater glory of God in the second half of life.