Looking Back


Looking back allows us to recognise profound lessons in life. We see the times we fell down and how we stood up again. We see people we helped and people who helped us. We see moments of great hope, times of powerful healing, and situations where the only explanation for what happened was a miracle of God’s grace. It is important to remember that we can look back, but we cannot go back. We can cherish memories, but if we keep wishing we were back in the past, our lives stall, and we cannot move forward.


God living among us, allow me to recognise the deepest lessons in my life. Help me to see that everything in my past – the good and the bad – is a piece of a puzzle that makes me the person that I am today. Amen.


Think back on the most important lessons you have learned on your journey through life. Share your life lessons with friends or family members. Ask them to share their life lessons with you.