Your Outlook on Life


Our attitudes impact how we behave. People with positive attitudes tend to look on the bright side of life and anticipate that bad things are fleeting. They tend to be affirming, forward-thinking, and happy. People with negative attitudes tend to focus on things that are going badly and anticipate that bad things will continue to happen. They tend to be skeptical, cynical, and sometimes grumpy.


Source of all that is good and holy, help me to become a more positive person. Give me the courage to banish negative thoughts and feelings that lead to self-defeating behaviours. Allow me to believe with all my being that you can make something good come out of even the worst situations if I simply trust in you. Amen.


Take an honest look at your attitudes. If you find yourself wallowing in negative thoughts, break the cycle by asking yourself how you would feel if you thought the opposite. Remind yourself that negative situations are not permanent. Trust that God will give you something you need to overcome difficulties.