All Souls (Do Not Cry!)

The words of the Psalmist ring true even today for our loved ones whohave died. These words come from the liturgy of today’s Feast. Our faith tells us that in death, life is changed not ended. We know that our loved ones are present with us in a special way today …

Thoughts on Aging (Ripening with Age)

Old age, as such, is almost a complete changing of gears and engines from the first half of our lives, and does not happen without many slow realizations, inner calmings, lots of inner resistance and denials, and eventual surrenders. All of them by God’s grace work with our ever-deepening sense of what we really desire and who we really are.

Spirituality and Aged Care (Staff In-Service)

The Spirituality of our aged people is mentioned in many official policy documents but not a lot of practical assistance to chaplains and aged care staff is offered. The fact that it is noted is significant as it recognises that people in this stage of life continue to strive to make sense of their lives: